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    How to Cook dishes from Croatia

    Croatia Croatia is a country of several distinct regions, each with their own distinct cultural traditions, historical influences, and thus, style of cuisine. It is for this reason that Croatian cuisine is known by many as the "the cuisine of regions". Some popular Croatian recipes include:
    • Brudet - A fish stew. It is usually served with polenta (boiled cornmeal).

    • Cešnovka - Cešnovka is a spicy pork sausage with a garlic taste. It originates from the Turopolje region of the country.

    • Ðuvec - This is a dish made from stewed vegetables, and is somewhat similar to ratatouille.

    • Gulaš - This is a spicy beef stew. The dish is reminiscent of Hungarian cuisine's gulyás (goulash).

    • Istrian stew (Croatian: Istarska jota) - This is a stew made from spare ribs and baco, with potatoes, beans and sauerkraut. It is flavored with garlic.

    • Juha od Mahuna - Vegetable soup. It is made from grean beans with lentils, onions, carrots and peas.

    • Kulen - A spicy pork sausage which originates from Slavonia.

    • Pašticada - This dish is originally from Dalmatia, and is sometimes known as "Dalmatinska pašticada". It is a dish made of stewed beef, and is served with noodles or gnocchi (dumplings).

    • Sarma - Sauerkraut rolls stuffed with ground pork and rice.


    • Sataraš - Chopped roasted vegetables, including bell peppers.

    • Slavonski Cobanac - A lamb stew, which was originally from Slavonia.

    • Strukli - The Croatian version of ravioli. It normally contains cheese or apple. This dish is originally from Croatia's capital city, Zagreb. In northern parts of Croatia, strukli are particularly eaten during the Christmas period, and served with compotes of dried fruits (such as pear, prunes, or apple).

    • Zagrebacki odrezak - This dish is also originally from Zagreb. It is made by stuffing thin slices of chicken or veal with ham and cheese, and then sautéeing.
    Croatia is also home to some interesting desserts. These include:
    • Cupavci - This is a biscuit-like cake. It is cut into squares, which are covered with chocolate and dessicated coconut.

    • Krafne - Krafne are a type of donut (although they do not containa hole). Most krafne are filled, the usually fillings being jelly, chocolate, cream or custard.

    • Palacinke - Crêpes with sweet fillings.

    • Rozata - Custard pudding similar to flan.

    • Strudel (Croatian: Savijaca, Strudla) - - The Croatian variant of strudel. Croatian strudels are usually filled with apple or cheese.

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    Croatian Cookbooks

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    A Celebration of Our Croatian Culinary Heritage

    By Croatian American Women's Club

    Morris Press Cookbooks
    Hardcover-spiral (400 pages)

    A Celebration of Our Croatian Culinary Heritage
    Lowest New Price: $25.00*
    Lowest Used Price: $62.98*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 20:50 Pacific 22 Mar 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    A mouthwatering mix of 600-plus treasured family recipes from Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the greater Mediterranean, as well as favorite American recipes submitted by Croatian American Women's Club members in Los Angeles. The cookbook also highlights the history of some of California's favorite Croatian-owned restaurants dating back to 1849. Croatia's location in central Europe on the Adriatic Sea means Croatian cooking has had many unique influences over the centuries. Discover easy-to-follow recipes for traditional and regional Croatian favorites, such as pasticada, brudet/brodet, risotto, buzara, mlinci, ćevapčići, bakalar, palačinke, sarma, štrukli, paprenjaci, kremšnite, fritule, uštipke, pita, strudel, povitica, polenta and a wide variety of lamb, seafood and pasta recipes. Vegetarians and gluten-free cooks will appreciate a selection of recipes catering to their preferences.

    Croatian Recipes: Croatian Food from a Real Croatian Grandma: Real Croatian Cuisine (Croatian Recipes, Croatian Food, Croatian Cookbook)

    By Ivana Novak

    Released: 2016-09-27
    Kindle Edition (98 pages)

    Croatian Recipes: Croatian Food from a Real Croatian Grandma: Real Croatian Cuisine (Croatian Recipes, Croatian Food, Croatian Cookbook)
    Product Description:

    Are You fascinated by Croatia? Have Croatian Heritage?

    Want to eat REAL Croatian Food that is Delicious and Traditional?

    With the help of my Croatian Grandma who at 90 has been cooking since the early days of the Soviet Union we formulated a real Croatian Recipe book. This book is unique in that it has REAL traditional Croatian Recipes that have been in my family for generations! I also made sure to include popular regional dishes that are unique to certain areas of Croatia. There’s a little bit of everything here from Croatian main courses to the rare but delicious Croatian Dessert. Pick your own delicious Croatian adventure with our 50 recipes! ↓↓↓↓

    If you are ready to eat delicious Croatian Recipes Today... Don’t waste any more time buy this book now!

    Dalmatia: Recipes from Croatia's Mediterranean Coast

    By Ino Kuvacic

    Released: 2017-05-09
    Hardcover (224 pages)

    Dalmatia: Recipes from Croatia s Mediterranean Coast
    List Price: $40.00*
    Lowest New Price: $20.00*
    Lowest Used Price: $17.94*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 20:50 Pacific 22 Mar 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    Dalmatia is a celebration of the food of Croatia's Mediterranean Coast, a region with a long, rich history, but one that is only slowly coming to prominence as tourists continue to discover its rugged beauty, blue waters and rustic, simple cuisine.

    Alongside more than 80 achievable recipes (presented as Salads & Vegetables; Seafood; Meat; Desserts and Drinks), the book sells the dream - and a sense of discovery. It tells the story of this place, in words and pictures, communicating both to people who aspire to experience it for themselves, and to those with fond memories of having done so.

    Accompanied with stunning local photography of both this beautiful region and the culinary experiences it offers, Dalmatia will transport you to the shores of Croatia from your home kitchen.

    The Best of Croatian Cooking

    By Liliana Pavicic

    Brand: Hippocrene Books
    Paperback (311 pages)

    The Best of Croatian Cooking
    List Price: $16.95*
    Lowest New Price: $11.88*
    Lowest Used Price: $6.48*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 20:50 Pacific 22 Mar 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Used Book in Good Condition
    Product Description:
    Croatia offers a sunny Adriatic coastline and breath-taking scenery, as well as a distinctive culinary tradition that combines central European, Mediterranean, and Near Eastern influences. This book offers over 200 recipes adapted for the American kitchen, featuring classic dishes like Turkey with Pasta Tatters, Strudel with Sauteed Risotto.

    Our Favorite Croatian Recipes

    By St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Church Women's Guild

    Cookbook Publishers Inc.

    Our Favorite Croatian Recipes
    Product Description:
    Hard to Find Book.

    The Adriatic Kitchen: Recipes inspired by the abundance of seasonal ingredients flourishing on the Croatian island of Korcula

    By Barbara Unkovic

    Paperback (112 pages)

    The Adriatic Kitchen: Recipes inspired by the abundance of seasonal ingredients flourishing on the Croatian island of Korcula
    List Price: $11.99*
    Lowest New Price: $5.50*
    Lowest Used Price: $3.63*
    Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
    *(As of 20:50 Pacific 22 Mar 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    • EXISLE
    Product Description:

    Barbara Unkovic has always been drawn to the land of her father, the sun-soaked Croatian island of Korčula in the Adriatic Sea. She spent several years living there, in the seaside village of Racisce, immersed in its way of life, its culture, history and food. Now, inspired by the island's culinary traditions and its abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients, Barbara has produced The Adriatic Kitchen, a delightful, rustic cookbook full of gorgeous recipes and evocative memories. Over 70 simple yet delicious recipes are included, such as Croatian Sweet Easter Bread; Black Risotto; Fresh Fig Crumble; Roast Chicken with Pomegranate and Spinach; Dalmatian Shepherd's Lamb with Potatoes and Broad Beans; Sugared Almonds; Croatian Pepper Biscuits; Carrot and Mint Salad. Infused with the warmth and vibrancy of Barbara's beloved island, The Adriatic Kitchen is a must-have cookbook for those wanting to experience traditional food at its best.

    Grandma's Special Croatian Recipes (Croatian Cuisine Book 2)

    By JP McKeever

    JP McKeever
    Released: 2013-10-04
    Kindle Edition (23 pages)

    Grandma s Special Croatian Recipes (Croatian Cuisine Book 2)
    Product Description:
    A collection of authentic and delicious, ethnic Croatian recipes. The recipes have been handed down through four generations as each mother taught her daughter to cook just like Grandma. "Great-Grandma's Croatian Cuisine" has precise and easy to follow directions. If you have never experienced Croatian style cooking, prepare to enjoy this great ethnic cuisine.

    Recipes from the Croatian cuisine

    By Kasia Ryniak

    Blue Oleander
    Released: 2014-03-13
    Kindle Edition (131 pages)

    Recipes from the Croatian cuisine
    Product Description:
    The book is a collection of most popular recipes from the Croatian cuisine, selected by Kasia Ryniak of Blue Oleander.

    The eclectic cookery of Croatia has its origins in the country’s turbulent history. From the Slavic culinary traditions brought from the Carpathian Mountains, through the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influence, and the historical dominance of Venetians on the country’s coast, to the most recent struggle for independence breaking away from Yugoslavia; all these events left a mark on Croatia’s traditional menu.

    Despite Croatia’s relatively small territory, there are many kitchens accredited to respective regions. The Dalmatian cuisine enjoys much of the treasures derived from the sea; Slavonia’s cookery cultivates the fruits of its land, preserving many of the Slavic traditions, whereas Kvarner brings the tables of land and sea together. The Istrian kitchen, strongly influenced by the Italian cuisine, vastly exploits its coastal resources as well as the immense treasures of the peninsula’s rich soil.

    Despite foreign influence for centuries, and the many years of forced integration that came with Yugoslavia, Croatia is trying to build its own culinary identity. The fame of the cuisine is yet to come, as the Croatian food industry producing great quality products, including olive oil, wine and cheese, will develop, enabling broader exports. For now, Croatian products abroad are scarce and expensive, and due to their extraordinary attributes, sought by connoisseurs. (...)

    America's Restaurant Recipes


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