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    Halloween Cookbooks and Recipes

    Carved pumpkin Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st in many countries around the world, especially Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The holiday traces its roots to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, sometimes known as the "Celtic New Year", and is associated with ghosts, witches, black cats, pumpkins, costumes, masks, and children being given sweets ("trick-or-treating").

    Some Halloween recipes and dishes include:
    • Barmbrack (Irish Gaelic: Báirnín Breac) - A sweet bread made with sultanas and raisins embedded in it. On Halloween, various objects such as a coin, a piece of cloth, a pea, a ring and a stick are traditionally baked into the bread, and what you got in your slice was the basis of a fortune-telling game:
      • Cloth - You will be unlucky or be poor
      • Coin - You will have good fortune or be rich
      • Pea - You would not marry in the coming year
      • Ring - You will wed within the coming year
      • Stick - You will have an unhappy marriage or many disputes

    • Candy apple (also known as "toffee apple") - This is an apple on a stick with a hard sugar candy coating, usually made from cooled sugar syrup and colored red.

      Candy apple

    • Pumpkin pie - This dessert is most often eaten in North America on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and at Christmas. It is made from a pie crust which is filled with a pumpkin-based custard. The custard is flavored using spices such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

      Pumpkin pie

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    Halloween Recipes eBook

    Halloween Recipes eBook

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    Over 50 recipes with photos: How would you like a Halloween Recipes eBook packed with over 50 recipes AND photos? Our simple yet knock-out Halloween recipes are unfailingly delicious...and spooky to boot... Plus 3 bonus eBooks - Halloween Crafts eBook, Halloween Drawings eBook, and Halloween Printable Games eBook.

    America's Restaurant Recipes

    Halloween Cookbooks

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    Halloween Cookbook: 65 Halloween Recipes For A Scary & Tasty Halloween

    By Katya Johansson

    Independently published
    Paperback (109 pages)

    Halloween Cookbook: 65 Halloween Recipes For A Scary & Tasty Halloween
    List Price: $13.38*
    Lowest New Price: $13.38*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 03:42 Pacific 27 Mar 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:

    Halloween Cookbook That's More Than Pumpkin!
    65 Quick and Easy Halloween Recipes That will Blow Everyone Away!

    Are you looking for quick, how-to recipes that anyone can quickly and easily make? This simple cook book has step-by-step Halloween recipes for anyone looking to save time, eat better, and enjoy delicious foods!

    This is the ultimate Halloween recipe book!

    It is packed full of 100 fun, simple, and spooky Halloween treats! You can make them for your kids or WITH your kids. The recipes are also great for Halloween parties or trick-or-treaters!

    Look inside, and see all the wonderful halloween recipes inside this amazing halloween cookbook.

    Grab the paperback version & Get the kindle version for free!

    Halloween Party Ideas

    By Chef Goodies

    Released: 2013-09-22
    Kindle Edition (22 pages)

    Halloween Party Ideas
    Product Description:

    A quick little guide to get your creative juices flowing for Halloween party ideas.

    We've provided a few tips for invitations, themes, decorations and party game ideas. Our favorite section is the delicious food ideas for your Halloween Party.

    We've included the following spook-tacular Halloween recipes for you.
    • Chocolate Devils' Food Spidery Critter Cupcakes
    • Batty Appetizers
    • Freshly Dug Grave Cake
    • Monster Mash Dip
    • Spooky Spider Bites

    Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids

    By Russell Dorn

    Independently published
    Paperback (160 pages)

    Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids
    List Price: $29.99*
    Lowest New Price: $29.99*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 03:42 Pacific 27 Mar 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    The Ultimate Halloween Cookbook! This one-of-a-kind, full color recipe book comes complete with quick, how-to recipes that are easy enough for anyone to make. Featured within these spooky pages are four recipe categories for the Halloween enthusiasts: Bizarre Beverages, Dreadful Desserts, Scary Snacks, and Teatime Terrors! Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids includes ingredient lists, step-by-step directions, ghoulish illustrations, a funny fictional history of each item, and picture collages of each of the desserts, drinks, and delicious snacks! Follow along as the monster characters of Toonstone introduce their favorite recipes and a Toonstone historian gives you the history of each monstrously tasty dish. View the gross underworld versions in illustrated form and enjoy the mortal world counterparts, which you can make with ease, with real pictures to guide you along the way. All the foods and drinks are gross looking but serve as delicious rewards to anyone who dares try them! Are you brave enough? Will your guests be? Recipes include: 1. Apple Bites 2. Clot Chocolate 3. Combative Fruitcakes 4. Deviled Spider Eggs 5. Flea Tea 6. Grave Goblets 7. Mutant Muffins 8. Paranormal Pops 9. Queasy Queso 10. Radioactive Milkshakes 11. Tarantula Treats 12. Tomb-Scones 13. Witch’s Brew Party Punch 14. Yummy Mummies 15. … AND MUCH MORE! Trick or Treat! There are no tricks here, only treats. These monstrous recipes are great for Halloween parties and for spooking friends, such as the deceptively delicious Roadkill Swill and Clot Chocolate that look disgusting. Join Runny Rotten the witch, Felipe Femur the skeleton, Gummy Garou the werewolf, Sunny Stoker the vampire, and many more friends (Ghost, Banshee, Black Cat, Magician, Alien) in the kitchen with this one of a kind recipe book for children and adults who love Halloween, Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos), or just spooky looking foods and drinks. Ghouls and guests alike can enjoy these unique Halloween dishes and beverages. Happy Halloween!

    Halloween Party Recipes

    By Cooking Penguin

    168 Publishing
    Released: 2012-10-14
    Kindle Edition (60 pages)

    Halloween Party Recipes
    Product Description:
    This collection of Halloween recipes is designed for those who want a wide variety of fun and festive recipes with unique titles; that not only entertain the guests, but tantalize their palette as well.

    The recipe book has an assortment of appetizers, small bites, snacks, dips, and fun sugar-filled treats that will create conversation just about the food alone! Each recipe is designed to be able to be made in advanced and the ingredients are ready available and easy on the pocket at your local supermarket.

    From saucy batty wings, pumpkin spiced party mix, and the ever popular candied apples, this collection really has something for anyone who is searching for the ultimate Halloween recipe book. Each recipe even has a unique title that guest will find entertaining and very flavorful.

    This is the perfect time to start planning your Halloween event, and if you weren’t planning on hosting a party, this recipe book will inspire you to throw a ghastly bash!

    Top 50 Most Delicious Halloween Recipes (Holiday Recipes Book 1)

    Otherworld Publishing
    Released: 2014-10-20
    Kindle Edition (97 pages)

    Top 50 Most Delicious Halloween Recipes (Holiday Recipes Book 1)
    Product Description:
    If you’re reading this then it’s probably that time of the year again. Halloween comes with the promise of pranking, fun festivities and creating creepy delectables. Be it giving out candy for the trick-or-treating kids, carving out Jack-O’-Lanterns together with the family or simply cooking for the day, everyone’s in for some great entertainment and bonding.

    This recipe book is comprised of the 50 best Halloween recipes for the real Halloween enthusiasts who love to cook it up. Looks inside to see what you get.
    • Dreadful Drinks
    • Finger Food
    • Sinister Soups & Salads
    • Eerie Entrées
    • and Terrifying Treats
    They all have one thing in common, they look dreadful enough to belong on the Halloween table and delicious enough to reward anyone who dares to try them.

    Take your pick. Trick or treat?

    Easy to follow steps!

    Each of the recipes has short, easy to follow steps allowing anyone to make and enjoy them in no time at all.

    Tried, Tested and SO GOOD!

    These recipes have all been tried out by us and we LOVE each and every one of them and we're sure you will too.

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    America's Restaurant Recipes


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