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    Thanksgiving Cookbooks and Recipes

    Thanksgiving Turkey Thanksgiving is a traditional North American holiday which is associated with harvest.
    • In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October, but is celebrated as part of a three day weekend.

    • In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Although the earliest Thanksgiving celebrations were probably held by Spanish settlers in the 16th century in what is today Florida and Texas, the holiday has come to be associated with the Pilgrims and their settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and their Thanksgiving feast held in 1621.
    Some Thanksgiving recipes and dishes include:
    • Cornbread - A fried quick bread made from cornmeal.

    • Corn on the cob

    • Green bean casserole - A casserole made from green beans, cream of mushroom soup (the canned variety is usually used), and fried onions.

    • Mashed potatoes

    • Pecan pie - This is a Southern recipe eaten as a dessert. It is a pie containing a custard made of corn syrup and pecan nuts. Bourbon whiskey or chocolate are also sometimes added to the custard.

    • Pumpkin pie - This is a pie that is eaten for dessert. The pie crust is filled with a custard made from pumpkin with various spices such as cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Traditionally served accompanied with whipped cream, pumpkin pie is often eaten at Thankgiving, as well as at Christmas, and Halloween.

      Pumpkin pie

    • Sweet potato

    • Sweet potato pie - An open pie eaten as a dessert. It contains mashed sweet potatoes, eggs, milk and sugar, and is flavored with spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

    • Turkey - Turkey is the most common main dish eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys are usually stuffed with a stuffing made from cereal, carrots, celery, onions and flavored with sage, and then roasted.
    Roast Turkey

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    America's Restaurant Recipes

    Thanksgiving Cookbooks

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    Southern Holiday Feast: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter & More! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 27)

    By S. L. Watson

    Released: 2015-09-29
    Kindle Edition (433 pages)

    Southern Holiday Feast: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year s, Easter & More! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 27)
    Product Description:
    In the South, food plays a major role in holiday gatherings. From Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Brunch, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and parties, you will find a wide variety of southern recipes. Included are over 250 recipes for your holiday table or party.

    Turkey, Ham, Goose, Duck, Appetizers, Breads, Pies, Cakes, Candies, Stuffing Recipes, Cookies, Side Dishes and even leftover recipes are all included. I've included menu ideas to help you plan the perfect feast.

    My mother made every holiday a special occasion. She would have a spread on the table you would not believe. It wasn't fancy food but just great Southern cooking.

    Mother had several traditions for the holidays. On the first Saturday of December, all the women would gather to make candy for the holidays. It was one of my favorite traditions growing up. The house would smell of chocolate, fresh caramel cooking on the stove and all the women sharing their new versions of traditional candy recipes. There would be potato candy, caramels, chocolate covered cherries, pralines, fudge and numerous other candies.

    On the 3rd Saturday in December, it was cookie baking time. The spell of vanilla extract and sugar would just make your mouth water. Of course, I could never wait for the cookies to cool so we could decorate them.

    Southern Cooking for Thanksgiving: 10 Thanksgiving Sides, Thanksgiving Desserts, & More

    By Prime Publishing

    Released: 2014-09-16
    Kindle Edition (27 pages)

    Southern Cooking for Thanksgiving: 10 Thanksgiving Sides, Thanksgiving Desserts, & More
    Product Description:
    Thanksgiving is always a special occasion, but this year make it extra-special by downloading Southern Cooking for Thanksgiving: 10 Thanksgiving Sides, Thanksgiving Desserts, & More. These easy recipes will be the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving turkey.

    In this collection, you will find sensational Thanksgiving side dishes, easy dinner roll recipes, and decadent Thanksgiving desserts.

    Check out some of these easy Thanksgiving recipes:

    •Southern Cornbread Dressing and Gravy
    •Garlic Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
    •Classic 5-Ingredient Corn Casserole
    •Quick Southern Green Beans
    •Sinfully Good Southern Pecan Pie

    Everyone is sure to love these comforting Thanksgiving recipes. Your family and friends are sure to gobble up all of the tasty dishes included in this eCookbook.

    Easy Thanksgiving Cookbook (Thanksgiving Cookbook, Thanksgiving Recipes, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Cooking 1)

    By Chef Maggie Chow

    Released: 2015-10-24
    Kindle Edition (98 pages)

    Easy Thanksgiving Cookbook (Thanksgiving Cookbook, Thanksgiving Recipes, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Cooking 1)
    Product Description:

    If you love Thanksgiving. You will love it more with these easy and amazing recipes!

    Get your copy of the best and most unique Thanksgiving recipes from Chef Maggie Chow!

    Read this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

    Come take a journey with me into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all my cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

    In this book we focus on meals and dishes for Thanksgiving. The Easy Thanksgiving Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Thanksgiving recipes. You will find that even though the meals are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

    So will you join me in an adventure of simple cooking?

    Here is a Preview of the Recipes You Will Learn:

    • Creamy Mushrroms
    • Thanksgiving Quinoa
    • Tangerine Turkey
    • Ginger Turkey
    • The Best Cobbler
    • Much, much more!

    Pick up this cookbook today and get ready to make some interesting and great tasting Thanksgiving dishes!

    Take action NOW! Download this book for a limited time discount of only $4.992.99!

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    20 Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

    By Prime Publishing

    Released: 2014-09-17
    Kindle Edition (64 pages)

    20 Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
    Product Description:
    Prepping for the holidays with limited oven space can be tough, but with our eCookbook, you can learn how to make classic Thanksgiving dishes, or even your entire Thanksgiving feast, using your slow cooker. If you’re looking for Thanksgiving recipes that everyone will love, download 20 Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas, for some slow cooker Thanksgiving recipes to add to your traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu.

    Many of these easy Thanksgiving recipes involve quick prep times that will make preparing your Thanksgiving feast a breeze.

    Check out some of these delicious, slow cooker Thanksgiving recipes:

    Easiest Ever Slow Cooker Turkey Breast
    Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole
    The Best Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe
    Hearty Stuffed Acorn Squash
    Upside Down Pumpkin Pie

    Inside you’ll find both traditional and nontraditional slow cooker Thanksgiving sides and Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Mix and match your favorites and mix it up, too! Don’t forget, you can also try cooking your turkey using your slow cooker—our eCookbook includes several recipes to give it a try!

    25 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes: Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes Cookbook

    By Hannie P. Scott

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    Paperback (42 pages)

    25 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes: Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes Cookbook
    List Price: $7.99*
    Lowest New Price: $4.00*
    Lowest Used Price: $7.74*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 23:40 Pacific 26 Jun 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    Are you looking for delicious Thanksgiving recipes to share with your family this holiday season? This simple Thanksgiving cookbook has 25 step-by-step Thanksgiving recipes and treats for anyone looking to impress the entire family with tasty foods! Have any of these statements ever crossed your mind? -I don't have enough time to cook. -I don't know where to start or what to do. -It just takes too long to cook for everyone. -Cooking is just too complicated! Your Problems Have Been Solved! This book includes simple, quick, step-by-step recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy! This is the ultimate Thanksgiving cookbook. Before long you'll have everyone asking for more. With a nice variety of Thanksgiving recipes, you can please everyone (even the picky eaters)! Hannie's vision is to write a series of recipe books, each focusing on one theme or one type of food that could can be EASILY prepared by someone who wouldn't be considered your typical cook. She urges her readers to feel welcome to share recipes, thoughts, and ideas with her and any feedback is encouraged.

    Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe: Celebratory Menus and Recipes from New York's Premier Plant-Based Restaurants

    By Joy Pierson & Jorge Pineda

    Ten Speed Press
    Released: 2014-09-30
    Hardcover (176 pages)

    Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe: Celebratory Menus and Recipes from New York s Premier Plant-Based Restaurants
    List Price: $22.99*
    Lowest New Price: $5.00*
    Lowest Used Price: $1.60*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 23:40 Pacific 26 Jun 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Cookbook
    Product Description:
    This collection of vegan holiday recipes—the first of its kind from award-winning chefs—elevates plant-based fare to a new level. With fresh, inventive menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine's Day, Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Independence Day, this cookbook blends favorite traditions with a modern sensibility. Tantalizing dishes include Sweet Potato Latkes with Almond Crème Fraîche for Passover; Porcini-Crusted Seitan with Glazed Cipollini Onions and Mushroom Gravy for Thanksgiving; and Red, White, and Blue Margaritas for the Fourth of July. 

    Now home cooks can entertain in the spirit of New York’s premier vegan restaurants, Candle Cafe, Candle 79, and Candle Cafe West. With forewords by Alicia Silverstone and Laura and Woody Harrelson, plus sumptuous photography throughout, this festive cookbook invites vegans and omnivores alike to gather around the holiday table and enjoy.

    America's Restaurant Recipes


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