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    Soup Cookbooks and Recipes

    Soup Soups are dishes made by placing meat, eggs, vegetables or ingredients in hot water or stock. There are both clear (bouillon) and thick (consommé) soups, the latter of which can be thickenened using a variety of different agents, including starch from vegetables in the soup, cream, butter, eggs, flour, or rice.

    Some soup recipes from around the world include:
    • Borscht - This is a stew made from beets. Sometimes meat, cabbage and potatoes are also added. There are many variants of the basic recipe found in the cuisines of Eastern Europe.

    • Clam chowder - This is an American recipe for a milk-based broth. It contains clams, flour, onions, potato, and bacon or salt pork. Tomatoes are an optional ingredient, used in the New York recipe ("Manhattan clam chowder"), but not in the New England recipe (often known as "New England clam chowder" or "Boston clam chowder").

      New England clam chowder

    • Cock-a-leekie soup - This is one of British cuisine's best known recipes. The soup, which originates in Scotland, is made from leeks and potato with chicken stock.

    • Cream of Mushroom - A thick and and hearty mushroom-flavored soup.

    • French onion soup - This is a famous French recipe made from onions and beef broth, and topped with cheese and croutons. According to legend the soup was invented by King Louis XV.

      French Onion Soup

    • Gazpacho - This is a famous Spanish recipe for cold vegetable soup. Traditionally gazpacho was made stale bread, garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar, but today, bell pepper and tomato are also often added. The soup is especially popular in hotter areas of Spain such as Andalusia.

    • Guly´sleves - This is the original Hungarian recipe for goulash. It is a meat soup, traditionally made in a cauldron, based on beef and onions, and flavored with paprika. Various other ingredients such as carrots, pasta squares, fresh peppers or tomatoes are sometimes also added to the soup. Hot chilies are also sometimes used, and garlic, herbs, or white wine are often used to enhance the flavor.

    • Gumbo - A soup made from meat or shellfish stock, bell peppers, celery, onion and a thickener. The soup often contains poultry or shellfish such as crab, crawfish or shrimp. Tasso (smoked pork shoulder) or andouille (a sausage made from smoked pork, chitterlings, onions, and wine) are sometimes also included in the soup, resulting in a smokey flavor. The soup originates in Cajun and Creole cuisine, but today is widely served in the United States, especially in Soul Food restaurants.

      Shrimp gumbo

    • Le Tourin - A French recipe for soup with a strong garlic flavor. Best served over thinly sliced bread.

    • Miso soup - Soup which is made primarily from miso paste (fermented rice, barley or soy), and often containing tofu, green onions, seaweed, or even shrimp. Miso soup is served with many meals in Japan, including breakfast!

      Miso soup

    • Okroshka - This is a traditional Russian recipe. It is a cold soup made from kvass (bread drink), and can also contain meat, fish or vegetables. A combination of neutral tasting vegetables (such as potatoes, turnips, rutabagas (yellow turnips), carrots or cucumbers) and spicy vegetables (mainly green onion, plus celery,chervil, dill, parsley or tarragon) are used in making the soup. Spices such as black pepper, mustard or pickled cucumber may also be added.

    • Soljanka - This is a Russian recipe. It is a thick spicy and sour soup. There are three main varieties of this soup: fish, meat or mushroom. All the varieties also contain pickled cucumbers, and usually cabbage, cream, dill and salty mushrooms.


    • Wonton soup - Wontons are dumplings. There are many different varieties found in different Chinese cuisines. In the North American Chinese cuisine, wontons are often served in a clear broth.

      Wonton soup

    • Yushka - This Ukrainian dish is a soup made from freshwater fish such as carp.

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    The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand's #1 Superfood

    By Craig Fear

    Released: 2017-11-16
    Kindle Edition (171 pages)

    The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand s #1 Superfood
    Product Description:

    The Thai people have a well kept secret. For hundreds of years, they’ve known about the healing power of their traditional soups. Over the course of several trips to Thailand, Nutritional Therapist Craig Fear, realized there were so many simple, delicious and healthy Thai soups that were unknown to most people in the West. He set about sampling, photographing, and collecting dozens of soup recipes that are easy re-create in western kitchens. The result is the Thai Soup Secret

    The Thai Soup Secret includes 40 recipes for medicinal broths, congees and authentic soups, all of which will help you progress towards a healthier life. Best of all, of the recipes are designed to be simple, without hours of preparation or long lists of hard to find ingredients.  

    Besides being geared towards health and wellness The Thai Soup Secret is also for anyone who just loves Thai food! If a trip to Thailand is not on your agenda anytime soon then this book will be your next best option for discovering the wonderful world of Thai soups!

    Broth-Based Soups

    The Thai Soup Secret focuses specifically on broth-based soups that work on a deeper level, promoting healing from the inside out. Imagine a warm bowl of soup, infinitely customizable, and filled with anti-inflammatory herbs and vegetables. Thai soups can be enjoyed at every major meal. Healthy, delicious, and versatile – does it get any better than this?

    What You’ll Learn

    When you pick up a copy of The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand’s Number One Superfood, you’ll learn:

    • The restorative power of real broths and why Thai-style broths are easier to make than western-style broths.

    • The many health benefits of Thai herbs including 3 traditional Thai soup ingredients with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can fight even the toughest gut bacteria.

    • How to easily find Thai soup ingredients. There are no exotic, difficult-to-find ingredients in this book! You will learn to easily find Thai soup ingredients right where you live.

    • How to make mouthwatering, nourishing Thai Soups including recipes for tom yum, tom kha and many more!

    • How to make medicinal drinking broths (which have potent gut-soothing benefits) using a variety of simple Thai herbs, roots and spices.

    • How to make delicious congees which are simple, rice-based soups commonly eaten for breakfast throughout Asia. You’ll learn how to whip these up faster than a boring old bowl of oatmeal!

    • How to make every recipe taste incredible. You’ll learn to season your soups to your personal liking, just like they do it in Thailand.  For example, if you don’t like spicy, no problem! You’ll learn how to alter each recipe to what you like.

    Well Loved Recipes for All Skill Levels

    If you’re looking for recipes that support your journey towards a healthier life, this book is for you. In fact, this book is designed to fit into busy schedules and the average kitchen setup. Every essential ingredient you need can be found very easily, and there are specific instructions on how to get started. You’re covered every step of the way.

    Ready to get started?

    Get your copy of The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand’s Number One Superfood today! Simply scroll up and select the Buy Now button.

    Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison's Kitchen

    By Deborah Madison

    Released: 2006-02-07
    Paperback (240 pages)

    Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison s Kitchen
    List Price: $19.99*
    Lowest New Price: $3.28*
    Lowest Used Price: $2.05*
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    Product Description:

    When I said I was working on a soup book, the response was often, “Oh, I love soup!” People enthuse about soup in a way that’s so heartwarming it makes me feel as if I’m in the right camp... The soups in this book are based on vegetables, and many of these recipes are new ones for me. But some are soup classics, by which I mean some of those that have stood the test of time in my kitchen, (Quinoa, Corn, and Spinach Chowder) and those that are classics in the culture (Boston-Style Black Bean Soup). I’ve tried to streamlined these dishes as much as possible without sacrificing goodness, so that you can easily enjoy them in your own kitchen. I hope you do enjoy making these soups and add them, one by one, to your repertoire.

    —from the Introduction

    In Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen, America’s favorite vegetarian cookbook author presents more than 100 inventive and straightforward soup recipes guaranteed to satisfy appetites all year long.

    Deborah Madison has shown millions of Americans how to turn vegetables and other healthful ingredients into culinary triumphs. In her newest collection of recipes, She serves up a selection of soups ranging from stylish first courses to substantial one-bowl meals.

    Madison begins with a soup-making primer and streamlined recipes for vegetable stocks and broths (such as the Hearty Mushroom Broth), which serve as the foundation for many of the recipes that follow, for those who wish to make their own. Soups like the Mexican Tomato Broth with Avocado and Lime can start a supper or stand alone as a simple, light meal. Cooks looking for heartier choices will find satisfying dishes such as Potato and Green Chile Stew with Cilantro Cream or grain-based soups like the Wild Rice Chowder. Organized by seasons, the recipes make the most of the produce–from a springtime Fennel and Almond Soup with Saffron and Ricotta Dumplings to a deeply flavorful autumnal Roasted Squash, Pear and Ginger Soup. When time just isn’t available and prepared soups take the place of home made, Madison offers a battery of suggestions for how to make them your own with simple additions from delicious oils and herbs to an invigorating Cilantro Salsa.

    Featuring fifty stunning full-color photographs by Laurie Smith, serving suggestions, wine notes, and a host of ideas for creative finishing touches including caramelized pear “croutons” and souffléd cheese toasts, this friendly soup lover's guide gives the reader a hundred delicious ways to enjoy the benefits and flavors of vegetables by the bowlful throughout the seasons.

    The Mediterranean Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss (Free Gift): Healthy Weight Loss Diets (Fitness)

    By Alissa Noel Grey

    Healthy Fuss-free Cooking, Diet and Cleanse Best Sellers Kindle Unlimited
    Released: 2015-09-22
    Kindle Edition (149 pages)

    The Mediterranean Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss (Free Gift): Healthy Weight Loss Diets (Fitness)
    Product Description:

    Slimming Superfood Cookbook to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting!

    Discover The Amazing Weight Loss Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet!
    Following the Mediterranean diet is healthy and rewarding because it is without doubt the most well-respected and scientifically documented diet in the world. In the Mediterranean countries food is prepared with love, passion, and lots of fresh ingredients - fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, lean meats, healthy fats and aromatic herbs and spices. Changing your food habits and eating the way people in the Mediterranean do will not only help you lose weight but will lower your cholesterol levels, stabilize your blood pressure and improve your health and mood.
    From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, busy mom and fitness enthusiast Alissa Noel Grey, comes a great new collection of delicious recipes that will make you healthier, happier and more energetic than ever.
    The Mediterranean Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss is an invaluable and inspirational resource of healthy, whole food, primarily plant-based recipes that will help you improve your health, add years to your life and give your body all the superfoods it needs to function at its best.
    Whether you're just discovering the healthfulness of the Mediterranean diet or are looking for some new recipes to add to your repertoire, The Mediterranean Diet: 101 Delicious Low Fat Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss has everything you need to start living a healthier life.
    ***FREE BONUS GIFT At The End Of The Book - 20 Superfood Paleo and Vegan Smoothie Recipes for Vibrant Health and Easy Weight Loss!***

    All About Soup: Cooking the Best Soup

    By Lorayne Miller

    Released: 2018-09-14
    Kindle Edition (63 pages)

    All About Soup: Cooking the Best Soup
    Product Description:
    This book is about one of my favorite foods, Soup. Soup is a primarily liquid food, generally served warm or hot, that is made by combining ingredients of meat or vegetables with stock, juice, water, or another liquid. Hot soups are additionally characterized by boiling solid ingredients in liquids in a pot until the flavors are extracted, forming a broth. The following recipes are a compilation of all of my favorites! Table of Contents

    All about Soup
    Mexican Chili Lime Soup
    Tomato Minestrone Soup
    White Bean and Ham
    Toasted Orzo Chicken Soup
    French Onion Soup
    Beer and Cheese Soup
    Spicy Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
    Baked Potato Soup
    Corn and Salsa Tortilla Soup
    Chicken Soup For Colds
    Pea and Carrot Soup With Rice
    Best Tasting Tortilla Soup
    Cabbage and Bacon Soup with Garlic Bread
    Bacon, Tomato and White Bean Soup
    Curried Chicken Soup
    Vegetable Soup with Pesto Butter
    St. Patty’s Corn Beef and Cabbage Soup
    Italian Chicken Soup
    Potato Cheese Soup
    Cream of Mushroom Soup
    Chicken Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

    Cooking Light Soups & Stews Tonight!: 140 Simple, Great-Tasting Recipes

    By Editors of Cooking Light Magazine

    Oxmoor House
    Paperback (276 pages)

    Cooking Light Soups & Stews Tonight!: 140 Simple, Great-Tasting Recipes
    List Price: $17.95*
    Lowest New Price: $6.61*
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    Product Description:
    Busy home cooks want one thing: simple, quick, healthy dishes to serve their family. And let's face it, when it's cold outside, soups are a big hit!

    Cooking Light Soups & Stews Tonight! is the most comprehensive, quick and easy soups and stews cookbook, delivering everything readers want-and need-in one place for cooking great meals for dinner tonight. With over 20 years of success and with a dedicated staff of culinary professionals and registered dietitians, Cooking Light gives readers all the necessary tools-and recipes, too-to make healthy, delicious soups and stews whatever the occasion. From All American Chili to Classic New England Clam Chowder, and from Gazpacho to Chicken Noodle Soup, this is the definitive collection of over 20 years worth of the very best Cooking Light weeknight soups and stews recipes.

    Can't decide how to select the best store-bought stocks? Or have a question about how to dress up your soup? Cooking Light Soups & Stews Tonight! answers these questions and many more in Chapter 1: The Cooking Class, as well as throughout the book with Quick Tips, Storage Tips, and Ingredient Tips sidebars. This cookbook delivers everything consumers need in one place for making great soups and stews every time.

    This cookbook delivers adaptable, savory and reliable recipes for great meals every time. With over 140 recipes, 180 stunning four-color photos, how-tos, cooking tips, and beyond-belief price, this cookbook is ideal for budget-conscious consumers looking for value from a trusted brand.

    49 Slow Cooker Recipes: From soups and stews to delicious vegetarian dishes

    By Mattis Lundqvist

    Released: 2018-09-06
    Kindle Edition (103 pages)

    49 Slow Cooker Recipes: From soups and stews to delicious vegetarian dishes
    Product Description:


    • Delicious Italian Beef
    • Spinach and Mushroom Quiche
    • Chile Lasagna
    • Eggplant Sauce
    • Tacos with Beef and Radish
    • Chili Slow Cooker Style
    • Chicken Enchilada
    • Sausage with Rice
    • Cabbage Rolls
    • Sweet and Sour Chicken
    • Roast Turkey
    • Fine Potato Soup
    • Delicious Veggy Chili
    • Slow Cooker Spinach Sauce
    • Vegetarian Minestrone
    • Slow Cooker Cassoulet
    • Risotto with Fennel and Cheese
    • Slow cooked beans
    • Black Bean with Mushroom Chili
    • Chickpea and Lentil Stew
    • Chickpea and Eggplant Stew
    • Barley Soup
    • Squash Quinoa Casserole
    • Pinto Bean Mix
    • Mexican Spaghetti and Sauce
    • Chicken Soup
    • Slow Cooked Macaroni with Cheese
    • Turkey Stew with Green Chilies
    • Refried Beans
    • Vegetable and Cheese Soup
    • Vegetable and Black Bean Soup
    • Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce
    • Delicious Rice Casserole
    • Potato Soup Slow Cooker Style
    • Split Pea Soup
    • Onion Soup
    • Zucchini Soup
    • Lentil Soup
    • Taco Soup
    • Cabbage Soup
    • Corn Chowder
    • Tofu Curry
    • Oatmeal with Cherries
    • Sauerkraut soup
    • Lima Bean Soup
    • Veggy Minestrone Soup
    • Spicy Thai Soup
    • Lentil and Mushroom Stew
    • Pumpkin Goulash

    Canned Soup Cookbook: Skillet Meals, Casseroles, Slow Cooker Meals & More! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 56)

    By S. L. Watson

    Released: 2017-05-02
    Kindle Edition (289 pages)

    Canned Soup Cookbook: Skillet Meals, Casseroles, Slow Cooker Meals & More! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 56)
    Product Description:
    Canned soups are most associated with casseroles. While they make an ordinary casserole delicious, they also make easy skillet meals, cook up great in a slow cooker, make scrumptious meatless main dishes and vegetable sides. I love cooking with canned soups and especially cooking everything in one pot or skillet. The dishes are easy to prepare and use everyday pantry ingredients. You can make a hearty main dish or side dish with basic ingredients.

    Canned soups are ideal for quick and easy meals. They give a homemade flavor to dishes. Try using the lower fat and reduced sodium canned soups in these recipes. I have also included recipes to make several canned soups from scratch.

    Everyone uses a slow cooker these days. With slow cooker cooking, you can fix an entire meal in one pot. If you use slow cooker liners, clean up is even easier. It is comforting after a hard day's work to come home and dinner is ready. We have all been there when the kid's are screaming and everyone is ready to eat. Using your slow cooker will ease the frustration and aggravation of What's for Dinner?

    Superfood Soups: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Plant-based Recipes (Julie Morris's Superfoods)

    By Julie Morris

    Julie Morris
    Hardcover (240 pages)

    Superfood Soups: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Plant-based Recipes (Julie Morris s Superfoods)
    List Price: $16.95*
    Lowest New Price: $9.97*
    Lowest Used Price: $5.52*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 21:14 Pacific 24 Sep 2018 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Superfood Soups 100 Delicious Energizing Plant Based Recipes
    Product Description:
    Soup’s on! These mouthwatering recipes from New York Times bestselling author—and superfood expert—Julie Morris simply brim with goodness.

    Acclaimed superfood chef Julie Morris has chosen 100 favorites packed with nutrient-dense and plant-based whole foods such as vegetables and fruits, legumes and grains, nuts and seeds. Plus, she boosts each dish with such scientifically lauded superfoods as chia, medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, and kale. From a comforting Smoky Pumpkin Soup with Candied Seed Clusters, to an irresistibly inventive Watermelon Goji Gazpacho, to the tasty Cacao Black Bean Soup, every health-giving bowl delivers deeply nourishing deliciousness that satisfies on every level. Along with beautiful color photographs, the book is full of helpful soup-making advice and information about the health rewards of superfood soups, including soup cleanses and rejuvenating broths.

    The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Heartwarming Slow Cooker Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet (Free Gift): Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss (Souping and Soup Diet for Weight Loss Book 1)

    By Vesela Tabakova

    Soup Diet Cookbook Cookbooks Download with Kindle Unlimited
    Released: 2016-01-24
    Kindle Edition (82 pages)

    The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Heartwarming Slow Cooker Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet (Free Gift): Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss (Souping and Soup Diet for Weight Loss Book 1)
    Product Description:

    What’s for dinner! - No-Stress, No-Mess Slow Cooker Soups – Heartwarming Dinner Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet

    From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make slow cooker recipes. This time she offers us 50+ comforting and enjoyable soup recipes inspired by the Mediterranean diet and full of your favorite vegetables, lean meats and superfood legumes that are simple and easy to prepare whether you need a quick weeknight supper or a delicious weekend dinner.
    The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Heartwarming Slow Cooker Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet is an invaluable and delicious collection of mouthwatering soup recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.
    If you're looking for delicious no-fuss meals that are healthy and budget-friendly, warm up with these easy-to-throw-together-on-a-busy-day slow cooker soup recipes!
    ***FREE BONUS RECIPES at the end of the book - 20 Easy Paleo, Gluten-Free, Fat Burning Smoothies for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss***

    Slow Cooker Soup Cookbook: Easy Crock Pot Soup Meal Recipes

    By Louise Davidson

    The Cookbook Publisher
    Released: 2016-01-04
    Kindle Edition (126 pages)

    Slow Cooker Soup Cookbook: Easy Crock Pot  Soup Meal Recipes
    Product Description:

    Delicious, comforting and easy-to-make slow cooker recipes for soup meals just like Grandma’s!
    Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a warm, ready-to-eat dinner of hearty and tasty one-pot meal like comforting soups or stews? Have you ever tried making soup just you’re your Grandma’s did, slow and flavorful? But found the process too time-consuming and sometimes too complicated? The slow cooker solves all this, as you prepare your ingredients, dump them in the slow cooker and let it do its magic. You will come home to a hot soup warming in a pot, ready for serving, and making your whole home smell heavenly.

    Never been successful in using a slow cooker? You can finally make delicious and soothing soups, easily! Many homemakers, professionals, culinary experts and beginner cooks alike have found it rewarding to make soups in the slow cooker. This cookbook will guide you through each step to help you come up with fresh and delicious wholesome soups. By using the slow cooker, you’ll be saving time, energy and money.

    Here you’ll find recipes ranging from the classics to exotic soups that are just as good for the soul as they are for the palate. Whatever your experience in cooking, you’ll be able to dish out a variety of soups to delight everyone eating at your table.

    In this cookbook, you’ll find:
    •50 Easy-to-make, cost-saving recipes for delicious, comforting soups and stews!
    •Tips on how to bring out the best flavors from the ingredients in each recipe.
    •How to take care of your slow cooker so that it remains a reliable friend for many years
    •Nutrition information to let you know which soups suit your health needs.
    •Find hearty classics stews like the Beef Stew.
    •Amaze with soul-soothing soup recipes like the Soup with Turkey and Noodles or the Serrano Pepper and Black Bean Soup and lots more!
    •We did not forget the vegetarians with oh-so-good meatless options like the Tasty Veggie Lasagna Soup.
    •Prepare delightful fish and seafood one-pot dish like San Francisco Fish Stew.

    Ready to make a steaming hot bowl of all the comfort and goodness of home?

    Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App.

    Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!

    America's Restaurant Recipes


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